Classroom Connections: TMD Creative Wins a 2016 Telly Award

  1. Classroom Connections: TMD Creative Wins a 2016 Telly Award

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    Sunset Center – Classroom Connections from TMD on Vimeo.

    Award-Winning Work

    TMD Creative is very proud and excited to receive a 2016 Telly Award for our video production of “Sunset Center – Classroom Connections”. Here at TMD Creative, we hold ourselves to a very high standard, always striving to make every project we work on worthy of an award. This standard of quality, in partnership with our clients, has led to many awards for TMD Creative. When we are honored with an award like a Telly Award, it not only reflects on our commitment to excellence, but also reflects on the hard work of our clients. In the case of Sunset Center’s “Classroom Connections” program, underserved elementary children are exposed to the creative arts, sometimes for the first time. Schools continue to make drastic cuts to creative arts programs. We know first-hand how important the “Classroom Connections” program is to our community. The program starts in the classroom, where the kids get introduced to stage performers and what they do, and then ends with the students experiencing stage performances at Sunset Center. “Classroom Connections” is truly a special program, and we at TMD creative are very thankful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Sunset Center on the creation of this promotional video.

    The Process: Discovering the Story

    From design to event coordination, TMD Creative has been involved with the Sunset Center for many years. Our connection to our community affords us the opportunity to discover great stories. With Sunset Center, we discovered their “Classroom Connections” program. As in many cases, it all starts with a conversation. Sam Spadoni, project manager for the video, met with the marketing coordinator at Sunset Center and explained what TMD Creative was all about. Shortly after the meeting, Sunset Center informed Sam that they needed a promotional video. TMD Creative was an obvious choice to meet that need. TMD Creative believes in making a positive impact on our community and this core value aligned with Sunset Center’s mission. Filming the children’s reactions to the program, and interviewing the heroic people behind the program, such as, Christine, Alex, and Abby, was instrumental in the success of the video production. After we shot the footage and collected the elements we needed, we began the editing process. TMD Creative has a well-established team that collaborates on every project to ensure our high standards are met. We are also very inclusive with our clients and make customer service a top priority. The final product was then submitted to the Sunset Center.

    Making an Impact

    Sunset Center is one of many non-profits TMD Creative has had the privilege to work with. We always enjoy collaborating with non-profits that make a real positive impact on our community. TMD Creative has been involved with non-profits since the day the company was founded. We have donated well over 1.7 million in pro-bono work and in direct cash donations. Here at TMD Creative, we’ve believed in giving back since day one.

    Making the Connection

    “Classroom Connections” goes well beyond entertainment. The real purpose of the program is to give underserved children the opportunity to be inspired. Children need to see examples of success and examples of overcoming obstacles. Many of the stage performers have inspirational background stories that prove how powerful art can be in peoples’ lives. Through this program, the children are also able to witness the power of imagination and creativity.


    “Let your imagination run wild. If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Nicholas Pasculli

    TMD Creative is no stranger to imagination and creativity. Jeff Meza, the producer of “Sunset Center – Classroom Connections”, grew up with a love and passion for the creative arts. Sam Spadoni, project manager, was involved in plays and saw performances at Sunset Center when he was a child. Nicholas Pasculli, founder, president and creative director, has been involved in the creative arts his whole life. Nick has performed in choir, band, orchestra, and theater. In college, he studied journalism and commercial art. He graduated from CSU Fresno with a degree in marketing and earned his master’s degree from Loyola New Orleans. Early on, Nick recognized the connection between creative arts and marketing. His skills in creative thinking, sales, and presentation have given him a distinct advantage in his career. Not only has creative arts assisted him with his profession, but they have given him a passion for what he does. He has taken his passion for creative arts and marketing and created a dynamic company that serves his community well. TMD Creative believes that creative arts play a key role in creativity, innovation, and a passion for life.

    Sharing a Vision

    Creative arts are what we do and what we are about. TMD Creative communicates messages with value. Every project we work on tells a story, provides value, and improves awareness. Our clients want to share a vision. That’s what TMD Creative does: we create the vehicle that communicates a vision. We want to tell stories that inspire people to act. In the case of Sunset Center, the action is to donate or volunteer. Other messages could be used to expand a customer base, or inspire customers to buy a product or service. No matter what the motive behind the message is, TMD Creative wants our clients and their customers to feel good about what they do.

    Does your business or non-profit have a message to share? If so, feel free to reach out to us so we can help bring your ideas to fruition.