Transportation Survey Rules

  1. Transportation Survey Rules

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    Below are the rules and regulations for the transportation survey we are conducting. The winner must be a resident of South County and be 15 years or older. One winner will be randomly selected from participants who fill out all 19 questions. The winner will receive a $250 Visa Giftcard!

    1. Entrants must send entries as required in the contest announcement in order to be eligible. Entries received after the deadline set forth in the contest announcement are ineligible, null, and void. TMD Creative and Chidlaw Marketing will not be responsible for and will not consider incomplete or incorrect entries. TMD Creative and Chidlaw Marketing are not responsible for entries that are sent, completed, or filled-out, but not received for any reason.

    2. All winners will be notified by the form/method of contact they provided in question number 19, when they initially entered the contest. Contest must either be entered online, or from designated businesses and organizations within South County that will have hard-copy surveys.

    If the winner does not respond to the notification within: a) five (5) business days for contests entered via a hard-copy form or online survey another winner will be chosen. Failure to respond within the time frames listed above shall mean that the provisional winner forfeits the prize. The winner will be contacted by either email or by phone (or both) as requested in question 19.

    This information will not be used for anything other than to notify the winner. This is an anonymous survey.

    3. Only one entry per person will be considered for contest entry.

    4. This contest is open to any resident who lives between Bradley and Spreckles along the 101 corridor, and is age fifteen (15) years or older.

    5. If a winner is someone who either does not live between Spreckles and Bradley on the 101 corridor (often referred to as “South County”), and/or lists a city within this area, but does not actually live there, they are not eligible for the prize.