TMD Cares and is Ready to Help

  1. TMD Cares and is Ready to Help

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    Dear Friends,

    As COVID-19 continues to impact the health of our communities, all of us have had to reprioritize. The TMD team is working remotely in order to meet the call for social distancing to protect the health of our communities as we attempt to flatten the curve of contagion. We are thinking of our clients, vendors and friends all over the world and wishing you good health. Our hearts go out to everyone impacted by this crisis.

    The team at TMD is also sensitive to your work disruptions and therefore we are doing everything we possibly can to support you in these uncertain times. We remain committed to continuing our best strategic and creative work, and know that now, perhaps more than ever, it is important to differentiate and stand out from the crowd.

    To support our global community, we offer need-based assistance to qualified companies and organizations free of charge. We are committed to reducing barriers for smaller companies and non-profit organizations to effectively communicate and create appropriate messaging during this national crisis. Please email me ( to discuss how we might be able to help.

    Since the shelter in place order was issued in Monterey County and later in the State of California, I instituted what I am calling Welfare Check-ins with our entire team in our four locations via Zoom Video Conferencing. Our team has found great comfort in getting together two times a week to discuss their feelings, concerns, and joys while we adapt to this new normal. In addition, everyday, I create a list of people to call just to check in and say hi. That list includes family, friends and many people I have not see in years. I mention this because it has helped me cope and I encourage you to do the same. Focusing on what I call the three F’s, FAITH – FAMILY – FRIENDS.

    Much is unknown about the progression of this international pandemic and how it will change our work. Our commitment to you during these uncertain times is to maintain a sense of stability, anchored in our 20 years of service to the creative marketing and advertising professionals in the industries we serve.

    We want you to all emerge from this with a strong brand that honors your company’s excellence and helps you find creative refuge in your work.

    Please know that we are here when you need us.

    Thank you for being a part of our community.

  2. TMD Creative: How Can We Help?

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    Salinas, CA – TMD is happy to offer no cost consulting help to the industry in these challenging times. Whether its reviewing messaging to partners, customers, or consumers, strategizing for what comes next, figuring out how to capitalize on a digital audience that is larger than ever, or just having someone outside of your company to bounce ideas off of or vent, TMD is here for any company in the fresh food and agriculture realm.

    Karen Brux, Managing Director of the Chilean Fresh Fruit Association had this to say about TMD, “I was happy to use TMD as a resource to discuss the current state of the industry. It was helpful to gain their marketing perspective during this turbulent time we are all navigating.”

    TMD has reached out to our clients to let them know we remain open, but we are getting calls from the industry asking if we are still open, so we also wanted to share our company status with the broader agriculture community.

    As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, TMD instituted a number of new procedures for the health of our staff and clients. On Monday, March 16, 2020, for our employees’ safety and in anticipation of the “Shelter In Place” orders that subsequently went into effect in Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties and 24 hours later statewide, TMD Creative asked its non-management employees to work from home, implementing their preexisting contingency plan to work virtually, at home, and limit access to our offices to the public. “Every employee is properly connected to our office and their desktop computer, while able to work safely from home and able to be with their families during this trying time,” said Sam Spadoni, managing director.

    “This was out of a desire to have and maintain healthy and competent staff, clients and business partners, without which we would not be able to accomplish our mission,” said Nicholas Pasculli, president & CEO.

    Although the State of California and Monterey County has issued a Shelter in Place Order, TMD Creative and TMD Technology Solutions have been designated an essential business by the County of Monterey because we provide essential services to the government, media, healthcare, agricultural and other essential industries, and as such we remain fully operational. We will maintain minimal staffing at each of our offices during normal business hours in Salinas, San Diego, Sacramento, and Dallas, to perform essential business services for our clients. In doing so, the primary client relationship managers working on the matter will coordinate all such appointments and the Firm will take precautions to follow “Social Distancing” guidelines established by the CDC.

    In addition to offering free consulting services during this time, we are also happy to advise, train or troubleshoot issues with setting up or participating in virtual meetings. We have experience working in Zoom, GoToMeeting, Skype, and Google Hangouts.

    “We want everyone who is interested to reach out to us and allow us to help them stay connected to their team and clients during this unprecedented time,” said Nicholas Pasculli, President & CEO.  He continued, “That means our management and staff are available by phone, videoconferencing, and electronic mail to provide advice and know-how to help company leaders remain connected to their team. Creating a caring community with your team is so important and simply put, it is the right thing to do.”

    TMD would like to reassure our clients, potential clients, and business partners that utilizing our technology we remain open and available to help others to do the same.

    Our entire team at TMD Creative and TMD Technology Solutions is grateful for the industry continuing to trust us with your important strategic marketing and communications needs.  Founded in 1999 by Nicholas Pasculli, an industry veteran TMD has been serving the needs of the industry for over 20 years and provides a full array of marketing, communications, and web related services.

    To speak with Nicholas Pasculli or Sam Spadoni, call them at 831-758-6425 or email them at or

  3. TMD’s COVID-19 Response

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    Update as of Friday, March 27, 2020 4:45 pm PST

    Read Video Transcript: TMD Cares and is Ready to Help

    Update as of Tuesday, March 24, 2020 11:30 am PST

    Press Release: TMD Creative: How Can We Help?

    Update as of Monday, March 23, 2020 3:45 pm PST

    Dear Valued Clients, Partners and Friends,

    With the world seemingly changing at warp speed, we just wanted to check in to see how you are doing. During this trying time, the one constant is the need to connect and stay connected with friends, colleagues and family.

    Our Founder Nicholas Pasculli has been thinking a lot about the importance of connecting lately, noting that, “If there is one silver lining to this fast-unfolding crisis, it has been, remaining in close contact with my immediate family and my co-workers working from home. Over the past week, I’ve had many more conversations with my family and friends. Even as I worry about what they’re feeling – anxiety, confusion, fear of the unknown – all this contact has certainly made me feel better and, based on their comments, it has helped them feel calmer and more connected.”

    We thought we’d share some of Nick’s thoughts about staying connected with the important people in our lives during this time when we’re all struggling to adjust to the new normal:

    Develop A Plan for Staying in Touch:

    Jot down a list of people – even just three, four, or five – under the following headings: friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors. Develop a contact plan for the days and weeks ahead. It could be an aunt who lives alone, an older neighbor, or neighboring couple. Some you may want to contact every day or even every week. These need not be long conversations. Just reaching out is often enough.

    Make Use of New Technologies:

    Use the amazing new communication technologies available today – Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc. to create regular group conversations with your family or a specific group of friends. If you have folks in your circle who have never embraced platforms like these, do them a favor; call them and walk them through setting up. It will change their lives.

    Give Yourself a Break:

    Go for a walk or a hike, start a virtual book club over Skype or Zoom. Plan to watch the same comedy on Netflix with a friend. These moments of human contact – even if they are virtual – are even more important in times like these. Seeing a familiar face is comforting, even if it is on a device screen. And try to remember to laugh.

    Staying connected with others is one of the best things we can do for our well-being during these anxious times. As Nick has been saying, “We all need to remember the Three F’s (3F’s), Faith, Family and Friends. When this is all over – and it will eventually be – we will all emerge with more, deeper, and better relationships.”

    Your Friends at TMD Creative & TMD Technology Solutions

    Update as of Tuesday, March 17, 2020 3:45 pm PST

    The County of Monterey Board of Supervisors has ordered that all residents shelter in place starting Tuesday at midnight and going through April 8, 2020.

    The order comes as the county confirms their first two cases of COVID-19 and an increasing number of cases across the state.

    TMD is taking maximum precautions to protect our employees, clients and vendor partners. We will continue to provide you updates as to the impacts on the important services we provide to our valued clients. 

    God Bless you all and God Bless the United States of America

    Update as of Monday, March 16, 2020 2:35 pm PST

    Dear Valued Clients and Industry Partners,

    As you are undoubtedly aware, the fallout from the national health crisis is very fluid and changing by the hour. We have heard from dozens of clients, vendors and the media that their offices are closing and people are being asked to work from home.

    Due to the rapidly growing concerns surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, TMD Creative has given our associates the option to temporarily work from home in an effort to keep our staff, our clients and our vendor partners safe and healthy. As you will recall from my previous message, we had a special staff meeting to address and hear the concerns of our associates. My goal is to safeguard their physical and emotional health.

    To put this into perspective, a few of our team members are in the age group that State Health Officials are requesting to remain in their homes. Other team members live in family situations where they are vulnerable members of their families in the same household. My selfless team is more worried about their families and our clients much more than themselves.

    We are taking steps to move work to individuals homes and are asking for your patience as we navigate this unprecedented situation. We are all in this together and are learning as we go. Our IT contractor is working on creating VPN access for all our team members.

    Additionally, we will utilize other communication tools such as Google HangOut and Zoom Video Conferencing. We are also happy to utilize any platform you use, all we ask is that you give us ample time to respond and send us the necessary links. No doubt there will be a learning curve for many of us.

    TMD will be in contact with you to prioritize projects we are currently working on and adjusting production schedule to adapt to this new normal. In addition to moving to remote work locations, we are taking these additional steps effective today until April 6 when we will reevaluate the situation.

    • Our non-management team members will not be attending any events or off-site meetings.
    • We will suspend close proximity activities such as site visits and business meals. Photo and video shoots will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
    • We will follow the guidelines provided by CDC and State Health Officials.
    • We are postponing all optional business travel.
    • Practicing “social distancing” in all circumstances including our own internal practices.

    I know you share our concerns for our families and co-workers. Please know we understand the importance of continuing to assist you with your marketing and PR needs. We have tremendous gratitude for our business relationship with you and will do everything humanly possible to keep your company at the forefront. 

    That said, at this moment in our nation’s history, we must put the physical and emotional health of our team, clients and vendors first. I will more than likely continue to come to my office daily, so I invite you to reach out to me directly if you have any questions or concerns. Join me in my prayers for our families, our businesses and our nation. 

    With Sincere Gratitude,
    Nicholas M. Pasculli
    President & CEO

  4. Nick Pasculli Shares Web Design and SEO Tips at Cultivate’19

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    TMD Creative’s President and CEO Nick Pasculli headed northeast this past weekend to share insightful knowledge on web design and SEO at Cultivate’19, an annual conference and tradeshow hosted by AmericanHort in Columbus, Ohio. From nursery and greenhouse growers to interior plantscapers and florists, more than ten thousand attendees from across the world travelled to this premier event to connect with fellow professionals in the horticulture industry. 

    Now on it’s 90th year, Cultivate brings together industry experts and organizes more than 100 educational sessions and opportunities for growers, retailers, and more.

    “When I was approached by the team at AmericanHort to be a guest speaker, I was thrilled,” said Nick. “Sharing knowledge with an ecocentric community is time well spent.”

    Nick led two educational sessions — the first focused on performance-based web design, and how to utilize best practices in design and content creation to enhance the user’s experience and SEO.

    And how can you use Google to your advantage? The topics discussed in his second session focused on search engine marketing tactics that can increase your brand’s visibility in this powerhouse’s rankings.

    Attendees walked away from each of the sessions with actionable, yet simple, tactics to increase their digital presence and optimize their website design. Nick also shared his experiences in working in the horticulture industry and insight on new trends.

    “A key takeaway here was innovation.” Nick says. “Industry leaders, speakers and exhibitors presented innovative solutions to existing problems in horticulture and it was amazing to witness it all.”

    Stay tuned for more of TMD in horticulture. To see what our team is up to next follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

  5. TMD Creative Continues to Grow Its Team

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    The Salinas-based marketing and creative firm has welcomed two new members to its growing web and design teams. The TMD Creative team is excited to welcome Thalia Villalobos and Cristina Cachux, both graduates from CSUMB.

    Thalia joined TMD Creative’s web team as a web developer. She will work closely with the senior and lead web developers to help clients build beautiful websites that provide a pleasant experience for the user. Before joining TMD Creative, Thalia was an intern at New Relic, a San Francisco-based software analytics company where she created custom data feeds for clients and stylized the user interface to match the company’s brand.

    “I enjoy creating custom solutions from scratch – it’s like adding color to a blank canvas and creating beautiful art.” said Thalia. “I look forward to growing professionally and learning everything I can from everyone on the team.”

    Cristina joins TMD Creative’s design team from Marich Confectionery, a family-owned business in Hollister, Ca. She comes to TMD Creative with experience in print, web, and packaging design, as well as web development. She will work closely with both the web and design teams to design digital media.

    “I am excited to work on my two areas of expertise: web and design.” said Cristina. “Work in web and design is ever-evolving and never done, and I love the challenge of learning new ways to solve problems, while staying relevant in this industry.”

    Thalia and Cristina are two out of the four new employees TMD Creative has added to its team within the past year, as the firm approaches its 20th anniversary in October 2019.

    “As TMD Creative expands, I am delighted to welcome two talented, young ladies to our team. They bring a breadth of new, fresh ideas to TMD from their diverse backgrounds, and I am convinced that their unique skills will bring tremendous value to our clients.” said TMD’s President and CEO Nick Pasculli.

  6. Accolades for Consistent Excellence in Ag

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    We are excited to share that TMD has been honored by several award competitions for their work with companies in the fresh food and agriculture industries, including Ocean Mist Farms, Taylor Farms, the California Agriculture Leadership Foundation, Del Rey Avocado, Berry People, and Olinday Farms.

    Marc Metzer, a third-generation farmer of Metzer Farms, approached TMD with the idea of starting a new company that would focus on providing duck eggs to the foodservice and retail markets.

    From day one, TMD has been integral in establishing a strategy for the launch of Olinday Farms, allowing me to focus my time on developing relationships with my own customers. From our company name and logo design, to retail packaging and video production, the TMD team has brought nothing but positive attention to Olinday Farms and the values we stand for.

    – Marc Metzer, President of Olinday Farms

    Please see below for the full list of accolades.

    Marcom Awards
    Berry People: Packaging Design
    Del Rey Avocado: Website Design

    Davey Awards
    Berry People: Packaging Design
    Del Rey Avocado: Website Design

    Summit International Awards
    Olinday Farms: Logo Design
    Olinday Farms: Website Design

    VMA Showcase Awards
    Cal Ag Leadership Foundation: Annual Report Design

    Vega Digital Awards
    Del Rey Avocado: “Fair Trade” Video
    Ocean Mist Farms: “Cut to Cool” Video
    Taylor Farms: E-Blast Campaign
    Organic Produce Summit: Collateral Design

  7. TMD Wins Communicator Awards

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    Winners of the 23rd Annual Communicator Awards have been announced. With over 6,000 entries from across the U.S. and around the world, our team is thrilled our work has been recognized on an international level. The Communicator Awards is the largest and most competitive awards program honoring creative excellence for communications professionals.

    Award of Excellence: Deli Website Design
    Client: Taylor Farms
    Category: Websites, General Food & Beverage

    Award of Distinction: Annual Report Design
    Client: Hartnell College
    Category: Annual Report, Educational Institution

    Award of Distinction: Organic Produce Summit Campaign
    Client: Organic Produce Summit
    Category: Campaign, Business to Business

  8. TMD’s Nick Pasculli Receives Ag Tech Innovator Award

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    Nick Pasculli was awarded the Ag Tech Innovator Award at the 2017 Salinas Valley Ag Tech Summit on Hartnell’s Alisal Campus. The award, presented by the Hartnell College Agriculture Business and Technology Institute, was to honor Pasculli’s continued support of the ag industry, as well as his success in cultivating a deepening relationship between technology and agriculture.

    The event is hosted by the Agricultural Business and Technology Institute at Hartnell College in collaboration with the Monterey Bay Chapter of the CA Association of Pest Control Advisors (CAPCA). The summit features a wide variety of speakers and panel presentations on the topics of crop protection, automation, harvest, innovation, worker safety and regulations. There are also displays, demonstrations and breakout sessions. Admission to this yearly event is free and proceeds benefit the Hartnell College Alisal Campus.

    Sam Spadoni was on-hand to accept the award on Pasculli’s behalf. The award was presented by California State Treasurer John Chiang, former mayor and current executive director of the Western Growers Center for Innovation and Technology Dennis Donohue, owner of Converted Organics and sitting Salinas City Council Member Steve McShane, and Dr. Susan Pheasant, Director of the Hartnell College Agriculture Business and Technology Institute.

    Nick Pasculli, in addition to being the founder and president of TMD Creative, is also an instructor at Hartnell College in ag business, marketing, and economics. Additionally, he sits on numerous industry and community boards, including the Hartnell College Foundation board. Congrats Nick!

  9. TMD’s Nick Pasculli Honored for Inspiring Career

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    On Jan. 27, the Monterey Bay Business Hall of Fame added 25-year ag veteran Nick Pasculli, founder, president and creative director for Salinas, CA-based TMD Creative, to its hallowed halls.

    “It’s very special. It’s a mixed thing, because on a certain level I don’t know I deserve it, but I’m glad someone out there thinks I do,” Pasculli said. “It’s humbling for sure. When you get recognized like this, in any shape or form, you feel a certain responsibility to those who not only nominated you and selected you, but the community in general to live up to those expectations that got you the recognition.”

    Each year, Junior Achievement of Northern California honors business and community leaders from the Monterey Bay area who have established a legacy of excellence within their industries and created a significant impact on their communities.

    “This is our 12th class of the Business Hall of Fame. Our selection committee looks for individuals who have demonstrated a legacy of business success as well as industry and community leadership,” said Taran Barca-Hall, regional director, central coast, for Junior Achievement of Northern California, serving Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito counties. “They must demonstrate innovation and excellence in their field with an emphasis on ethical business practices and community involvement.”

    With that in mind, the selection committee found Pasculli to be a perfect fit, and he was among those who were honored in the Class of 2017. Pasculli has long been a big believer in the marriage of creativity and strategy, and tries each day to make a difference and help other organizations to be successful.

    “He has a great story,” Barca-Hall said. “Nick has really built a niche for himself within the ag industry, which is such a big part of the Monterey County economy and he’s become the go-to leader in his field here. For him to start that company less than 20 years ago on his own and build it to what it is today is just an inspiring story.”

    Pasculli first learned of the honor when someone on the committee invited him for lunch, which he thought was simply a birthday get-together, and others from the Junior Achievement started to show up so he knew something was up.

    “They told me I had been nominated and I was speechless,” Pasculli said. “I had to keep it a secret and as I reflected on it, I thought to myself, ‘whoever I’ve become, the foundation was laid a long time ago and I would have to go back to my parents, where I learned by work ethic.’ My dad was in the produce industry for many years and my mom was a substitute teacher and PTA president, and was always involved in things.”

    In Pasculli’s mind, the award was more for them than for himself, and that came out in his speech on the day he was presented with the award.

    “It was important to me to recognize the people who helped me get to the place I was at this point in my life,” he said. “It was not so much about me and my accomplishments, but more a testament to my parents and mentors and those in the industry that have helped me get here.”

    At the luncheon, Pasculli was joined by his parents, spouse and children, his TMD family and many friends from around the industry. Bishops Garcia and Ryan from the Monterey Catholic Diocese were also on hand to share in his special day.

    “At the induction ceremony, some students were recognized for their academic achievements and philanthropic achievements, and that’s what makes this thing so rich,” Pasculli said. “We get to witness what the young people are doing, but they also get to see what us old timers are doing and I think there’s a mutual dose of inspiration.”

    By Keith Loria | The Produce News

  10. TMD Creative Takes ‘Organic’ Approach to Cross-Media

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    When the Organic Produce Summit decided to hold its inaugural convention and exhibition in July 2016, organizers had a major challenge on their hands. Though the organic movement was as popular as ever, the event itself was virtually unknown. Not only did organizers have to introduce people to the expo, but they also had to appeal to a diverse audience ranging from organic purists to companies just beginning to walk the organic walk.

    To drum up excitement for the pioneering event, organizers turned to Salinas, Calif. marketing firm TMD Creative. “We had to come up with a strategy that would appeal to everyone,” says TMD Creative Founder Nicholas M. Pasculli. Their approach was as fresh and appealing as the industry they sought to describe.

    Read the full article here