The fastest way for Produce Companies to respond to food safety breaches or product recall incidents.

The FDA and USDA report that on average, 30 recalls occur every week in the United States. When recalls happen, there is a tremendous amount of uncertainty and sometimes panic from consumers, as well as public demand from consumers for companies to not only fix the problem but compensate affected consumers. The level of public awareness has increased significantly with the advent of social media.

Being prepared is your best defense and offense if and when your company is faced with a product recall. TMD Creative has extensive experience in helping leading food producers deal with such situations. There are several things we encourage all our food producing clients to do in order to be ready to respond to such crises.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail
  • Establish a rapid response team within your company including TMD as your website communication partner.
  • This includes developing an early warning monitoring system that looks for early signs of product complaints and failures.
  • Develop a toolkit to help guide a rapid response.
  • Train managers and identify people within the company who will approve statements and posts to your website and social media.
Establish an online communication protocol
  • Ask TMD to create a produce recall page on your website to remain hidden from view so you will be ready to respond if required.
  • Establish clear lines of communication from production to sales and marketing.
  • Develop an on-call protocol that includes sales, marketing and external communications partners like TMD.
  • Channel all final communications through one person within the company to outside vendors.
Don’t forget about your social media channels
  • Your social media posts should be coordinated in the same way your communications with the media and or government officials are coordinated.
  • Develop an internal clearinghouse for potential posts.
  • Establish a team of social media monitors to track and respond to consumer comments and concerns.
Fight the urge to go on lockdown
  • After you get information distributed and posted through the right channels, establish a regular response cadence.
  • There is no need to respond to everything, but identify the types of responses that keep lines of communications open with consumers.
  • Allow fans to continue to post and provide them a forum to engage.
  • If you go on lockdown it’s likely to create a story in itself and could lead to a missed opportunity to engage stakeholders.

Recalls create brand uncertainty and can cast a negative light on a company. However, if handled professionally, a company’s response can reinforce brand affinity and give you a competitive advantage.

TMD Creative has solutions that will make your response to such uncertainties go smoothly and help you to retain your terrific reputation that you have worked so hard to build. Call Nick Pasculli to get started today and avoid the confusion that product recalls can create.

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