Our Process

While every project to come through the door at TMD is unique, there are fundamental steps we apply each time we take on a new piece of business.

Our process is strategy-based, and we gather as much information as we can before we even meet with you. When we do come together around the table, we take a deep dive to learn all that we can about your organization’s product or service, your people and your culture. We discuss goals, objectives, audiences, competitors, and overall vision for the work we’ll be doing together.

Based on what we gather and learn, we’ll craft a creative brief that serves as a guiding document for the course of our work. It’s something we can come back to anytime a project makes a sharp left turn, or the path forward becomes more complex. The brief grounds all of us in what we set out to accomplish and why.

Multiple team members are assigned to each project, though any team member can assist you with questions or other needs. Meetings and regular communications are scheduled throughout the course of the project to ensure timelines and budgets remain on track.

We’re a close-knit group that works hard, and works extremely well together. Our process is designed to leverage those dynamics for the best possible outcomes and return on your investment.