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‘Tis the Season for Digital Giving

‘Tis the Season for Digital Giving

Our communities would not be the same without the positive contributions our local nonprofits make. At the end of the year, many nonprofits in counties throughout the West Coast participate in year-end fundraising campaigns, allowing them to keep 100% of their donations.

Our team developed and programmed a robust digital giving platform that allows Gives! campaigns in different counties to brand the look and feel of their site. Some counties place emphasis on certain features, so it was important that we developed a platform that is intuitive and flexible. The Gives! platform allows users to filter through nonprofit categories and donate to the causes they care about.

We have programmed Gives! websites for numerous counties, including Monterey, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, and Colorado Springs. Our own community has already raised over $2 million for Monterey County nonprofits, and there are still over 30 days left to give. Happy Thanksgiving!


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